Furbibi Pet Boarding & Pet Daycare

Terms & Conditions

General Admission

The pet has to be healthy and free from any skin infections or contagious diseases. Please inform us if your pet is healing from an injury, or has any medical condition or allergy we should be aware of.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to any pet that presents the appearance of illness upon check-in – such as lethargy, discharging or inflamed eyes, coughing or repeated sneezing. We will not hold such pets for any period, and they must be immediately removed either by the pet owner, or transported to a vet at the pet owners’ expense.


Vaccination card with proof of completed and valid canine/FVRCP vaccination date (within 12 months) is to be presented for first time boarders; as well as updates of subsequent annual vaccinations. Puppies and/or kittens have to be vaccinated with at least two doses to be eligible for boarding while adult dogs/cats have to have completed annual canine/FVRCP vaccination. Vaccinations have to be valid before making a reservation. Vaccinations have to be valid and updated at least 7 days prior to check-in date.

If caught providing false vaccination information, we have the right to ban the pet from boarding with us.

External and Internal Parasite Treatment

Topical flea & tick spot-on treatment must be applied prior to admission or upon check-in. We only accept veterinary approved spot-on brands that protects against fleas, mites, and other parasites.

Should any parasites be found on the pet during period of stay, we are authorised to take the appropriate actions which will be chargeable to pet owner. Furbibi will not be held responsible for any case of parasite infestation on the pets during the period of stay if pet owner claims to self-apply flea & tick prevention.

If caught providing false spot-on application information, we have the right to ban the pet from boarding with us.

Belongings - Beddings & Toys

Any bedding provided by the pet owner has to be clean and not deemed unsanitary. Pet owner has to ensure all items are collected during check-out. We will make every effort to contact the pet owner to pick up any items that are left behind during checkout; items not collected within 3 months will be disposed of by us.

Food Supply

Dry pet food supplied to us by pet owners must be in a proper air-tight container with a scooper and labelled clearly with pet’s name and to provide feeding instructions along.

Wet or raw food supplied to us by pet owners must be individually packed in a ziploc bag and labelled clearly with pet’s name and to provide feeding instructions along. Raw food will be removed 30 minutes after serving.

Veterinary Treatment

Any required veterinary treatment will be at the pet owner’s expense. Payment for treatment is due at the time of collection or return of the pet. In the event the pet owner or the emergency contact cannot be reached before treatment, the course of treatment shall be at the sole discretion of Furbibi. We will contact our panel vet depending on the nature of the illness or injury.

Check-In & Check-Out Timing

Dog Boarding

  • Off-Peak Check-in: 10am – 6pm | Check-out: 10am -6pm
  • Peak Season Check-in: 11am – 6pm | Check-out: 11am – 6pm
Cat Chalet
  • Check-in: 2-6pm | Check-out: 11am-2pm
  • Request for early check-in/late check-out is subject to availability

If pet is not picked up by standard check-out timing, check-out extension fee applies. 

  • Off-Peak Extension Fee: Normal rate + RM15/night (Subject to availability)
  • Peak Season Extension Fee: Double per nightly rate (Subject to availability)

Payment Policy

  • Off-Peak Season: 50% deposit payment upon booking; balance payment before check-in
  • Peak Season: 100% payment upon booking

We accept cash, e-wallets and online banking. Pets will not be checked-in until full payment has been made.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations and refunds for deposits. Date changes are only accepted under strict conditions: a minimum of one week’s notice is required, and changes are applicable ONLY during non-peak seasons. During peak season, deposits are non-refundable, and date changes are not accepted. We appreciate your understanding.


All reasonable care will be taken but no responsibility can be accepted for any loss, injury, or death of any animal in our care.

Limitation of Liability

Client assumes all liabilities, financial and otherwise, for the behaviour and health of their pet. Furbibi will be held harmless from damages, loss or claims arising from any known or unknown pre-existing condition of the pet.


By booking my pet(s) lodging with Furbibi, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the rules and regulations set forth on this page. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations, and accept all terms, conditions, and statements.

I agree to allow Furbibi to use my pet(s) name, photos or videos taken while they are at Furbibi, in any form or format, for use, at any time, in any media, marketing, advertising, illustration or promotional materials.

I agree that I will not neglect to pick up my pet(s) from Furbibi by the time they are scheduled to leave. Any pet(s) that is left at Furbibi without any contact, instruction or notification from me, of the ability, willingness or plans to pick them up by myself or my representative, will be considered abandoned upon the 7th day of such notification failure.

Furbibi reserves the right to change the terms and conditions mentioned above without prior notice.

Updated as of 07 March 2024. All rights reserved.

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